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The mission of the Forest Preserve is to preserve and protect open space, such as forest, prairie and wetland; to restore natural habitat for native plants and wildlife; and to provide educational programs for the appreciation, understanding and preservation of our natural areas. The KRVFPD currently has approximately 430 acres at 8 separate sites under its management.


Preserve open space for serenity, solitude and preservation of the beauty of nature.

Protect natural areas for plants and wildlife

Conserve wetlands, streams and rivers to maintain clean air and drinking water for our communities

Develop and maintain areas for outdoor recreation such as hiking, bicycling, cross country skiing, fishing and other recreation

Provide outdoor and environmental education for people of all ages

Scholarship Announcement


The Kankakee River Valley Forest Preserve District is seeking applicants for its Richard L. Witt scholarship.  This $750.00 college scholarship is open to students who are residents of Kankakee County and who are pursuing a program in forestry, conservation, environmental science or a related area.


Requirements for eligibility:


1) Completed at least 48 college transfer courses with at least 16 hours in the sciences.

2) Grade point average of at least 2.2 on a 4.0 scale.

3) A copy of his/her letter of acceptance from the accredited 4 year college or university where the scholarship will be applied.

4) Two letters of reference from college instructors to include at least once science instructor.

5) A written statement describing his/her interest in forestry, conservation, environmental science or a related area.

   Application forms and instructions are available at the Forest Preserve District Office at 3301 Waldron Road, Aroma Park, Illinois, or by calling 815-935-5630

Board Members

Mike Quigley - President

Amy Ciaccio-Jarvis - Secretary

Sharlene Parr - Treasurer

Steve Worth - Commissioner

Tim Wilhelm - Commissioner


Dale Huizenga - Administrator

Mike Morgan - Maintenance

Doug Short - Restoration Ecologist; Site Development

Jean Hurrle - Editor

Tree Dedication

Contact the Forest Preserve office at 815-935-5630 if you wish to dedicate a tree as a memorial.

Educational Programs

For program information,contact our office at 815-935-5630, or the University of Illinois Extension office at 815-933-8337.

Programs include nature walks and educational programs, co-sponsored by the University of Illinois Extension, Kankakee, and the Kankakee River Valley Forest Preserve

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